Stephen Lynch

- Ingen kan vara nere med en ballong!
- Au contraire, monsieur Puh. Ponera att 
I call you from my car to say I'll be there in awhile
A short plane ride and I will get to see your pretty smile.
There's nothing on the radio; I'd fiddled with the dial
Then I see a sign: the airport's just another mile
I check my bags and think about how much I hate to fly,
And as I near security I almost start to cry.

Well I hope the law enforcement agent's can't tell from my face,
I got three balloons of coke in an uncomfortable place.
I'm sweating and I'm nervous and I need a little air,
'Cuz with four balloons of heroin, it's getting crowded up in there.
Nog fan kan man vara nere - trots ballonger. Idiote...


Halsduk från Attitude Matters !, 129,75 dkk hos smartguy
T-shirt från DrDenim, 190:- hos Fashionisland
Jeans från LEVI Strauss, 999:- hos Nelly
Skinnjacka, 1999:- från La Redoute
Gitarrcase från Gator, 799:- hos Musikbörsen
latexballong med pärlglans, 3:-/st från Kalaslagret

Postat av: Daniel

ååh vill ha allt!!!

2010-08-18 @ 08:43:54
Postat av: Tussen

haha kul...

2010-08-19 @ 15:25:24
Postat av: Thea

Domo arigato, Tussen!

2010-08-19 @ 21:47:03

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