Nicki Minaj

She looks so peaceful now
Just like a doll somehow
But they don’t see what I can see
She got to them and now she’s coming for me

They whispered, “This one looks smug in a pink dress
I fled the scene
She’s innocent but she’s a mess

Sno Stilen - Nicki Minaj Bild

Sno Stilen - Nicki Minaj

Sno Stilen - Nicki Minaj by SnoStilen featuring suede pumps
Eileen Kirby Fly With Me Short Pink Dress, $549
Le Mystere - La Boheme (Black) - Apparel, $68
Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 patent pumps, $595
Paris Hilton Sashay Heel - Black Suede, $99
MARC BY MARC JACOBS Resin and Metal Bolt Bangles, Set of 3, $48
Marc by Marc Jacobs - Screwed Resin Bangle (Rosie) - Jewelry, $42
=embed-textlist&id=19915475">kate spade new york 'idiom' thin enamel bangle, $42
Circle - Murano Glass Bangle Bracelet, $76
Yarborough Medium alpaca bangle, 65 GBP
Slip In Buckle Belt, $3.50
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14K Gold Filled Large Bamboo Hoop Earrings-
YOUNG MONEY’S FIRST LADY… « "WandaPhull World"
Sno stilen - Sno Stilen ®


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